Managed Services

We provide full help desk support in all of our managed services programs. Customers have several options to get support quickly. For urgent matters, customers may call the help desk or assigned techs directly. For non-urgent issues, tickets can be created via email among other options. In most situations, our techs are able to provide support with little to no wait time, and we provide guaranteed response times.

Through our Basic Managed Services Program (BMSP), we provide comprehensive monitoring and support for your network. Among many other benefits, BMSP includes:

  • 24/7 monitoring for all covered/compatible devices.
  • Integrated endpoint security software that is monitored 24/7 and is maintained and updated automatically.
  • Automated operating system updates and security patch management for servers and workstations that can be tailored to fit any schedule.
  • Meticulous management and monitoring of onsite and offsite backups.
  • Unlimited helpdesk and remote support for all covered devices.
  • Asset management and maintenance for all covered devices.
  • Regular reviews and scrutiny of IT infrastructure.
  • Management of cloud-based assets and infrastructure.
  • Substantial discounts on special project hours that fall outside of the scope of managed services.
  • Guaranteed response times.

Our Premium Managed Services Program (PMSP) provides customers more options and is especially useful for industries that operate outside of standard business hours. PSMP includes all of the benefits of BMSP and also includes:

  • A monthly allocation of special project hours that can be used for work that falls outside of the scope of managed services.
  • After hours and weekend support at no additional charge.
  • Shorter response times that are guaranteed and prioritized above other service levels.
  • Higher service discounts.

On-Call IT Services

For customers who wish to maintain and monitor their own networks, security software, and patch levels, we provide on-call and "break-fix" support.
With this option, simply call or email for support, and we provide service either onsite or remotely as needed. Under the "break-fix" mode, onsite and remote service calls are billed at an hourly rate, and additional charges may apply for after hours and weekend work.

For businesses that have existing IT departments, we offer services to compliment your existing organizational structure ranging from on-call support to providing monitoring and after-hours support. This service is especially useful for companies that that need:

  • Advice and expertise to help implement some of the latest technologies. We have a lot of experience with the latest technologies in diverse and varied environments. Customers can leverage our experience to help support their needs, which can help defray training costs and/or preclude the need to hire more people to support specific technologies.
  • Support for remote offices. Some of our customers have full-time IT departments that are geographically distant. Whether support is needed onsite or customers simply want to leverage the use of our remote support tools, we are well equipped to collaborate with existing IT departments to offer users prompt and effective support.
  • Security software and monitoring. For IT departments that prefer a focused approach to network security, we provide IT security software and monitoring to help harden your network against cyberattacks.
  • Backup and disaster recovery. For IT departments that need offsite backups and disaster recovery services or who would like daily external monitoring of backups, we have backup options to help secure your data.

For businesses that manage their own IT infrastructure but need regular support and assistance, pre-purchased break-fix support may fit your needs. Pre-paid break-fix support is similar to standard break-fix support but includes the following benefits:

  • Hours are purchased in monthly blocks of time at a discounted rate. Discounts are applied based upon the number of hours purchased, and pre-purchased hours apply to remote and onsite support.
  • Service for pre-purchased break-fix hours is provided with a higher response-time priority versus standard break-fix support.
  • Pre-purchased hours can be combined with other services such as security and backup/disaster recovery.

Backup and Recovery

As a Veeam Silver partner, we recommend Veeam as a primary on-premise backup solution, but we support and provide licensing for many solutions including Veritas, Quest, Veeam, Azure and others.

Whether you just need licensing or you need comprehensive service through setup, support and monitoring for your on-premise backup solutions, we can help.

We provide cloud-based, secure storage for backups in a SOC2 compliant data center.

  • If subscribing to our backup services turnkey, we set up, license, and regularly monitor onsite and offsite backups.
  • If turnkey service isn't needed, we can simply provide cloud storage space for those customers who prefer to monitor their own backups.
  • If a customer has space provisioned through another third party, we can set up, maintain, and/or monitor existing S3, Blob, and Veeam repositories through Amazon, Azure, and other standardized endpoints as needed.

For customers who need a disaster recovery solution that enables fast recovery and hardware-agnostic restoration of servers and data, we offer disaster recovery options:

  • Shared host disaster recovery. This option provides a way for customers to bring up virtualized instances of backed up servers on demand. Servers can be brought online directly from a backup repository and restored to a local instance in the background, all while users access the instance.
  • Dedicated host disaster recovery. This options provides a dedicated server and backup repository for fast restoration. Like shared hosting, this option allows for server and data restoration while the repository instance is brought online, but it also allows for the hardware to be moved onto the customer's premise if the customer's hardware has failed or is otherwise incapacitated. With this service, the customer effectively has a spare leased server ready to be deployed if/when it's needed.

Security Services

Our basic security service includes licensing and ticket-based incident reporting. The endpoint security software that we license and monitor is called Webroot although we can and do license other security software based upon our customers' preferences.

Basic security service provides a way for our customers to ensure that their endpoint security software is maintained and up to date. For our managed service customers, basic security service is included in managed services. Also for managed service customers, remote incident responses and remote work on PCs that may need remediation are covered under the managed services agreement. For break-fix customers and for onsite responses, time is counted against allocated special project hours or otherwise treated as a service call.

Advanced security services are for customers who need or want an extra level of cybersecurity protection. Environments that have regulatory burdens, such as HIPAA, CMMC, PCI, and SOX among others, will benefit from the advanced security services that we offer. These services include:

  • Fortify with Sentinel One - This product includes Sentinel One coupled with 24/7 monitoring by humans in a security operations center (SOC). Sentinel One is considered a highly effective product on its own, but with human monitoring included, our customers enjoy extremely effective network and device security that is continuously scrutinized through AI and human observation.
  • Arctic Wolf - This security product spans enterprise topologies with physical sensors at the edge of each physical network. 24/7 monitoring by humans is also included with this product offering, and comprehensive log aggregation is set up across servers and other network devices to build a complete picture and to monitor enterprise environments through human and AI analysis.
  • Microsoft provides security policy add-ons and products that can better protect customer data and prevent breaches. We provide licensing and support for these advanced security products individually or in tandem with other advanced security products.
  • For content filtering and policy-based internet access, we offer several products to restrict or monitor user behavior.

Beyond basic security services, we provide advanced security services individually or grouped together based upon the preference and budget of our customers. Our managed service customers especially benefit from direct integration into our incident response/ticketing system, but anyone can benefit from advanced security services.

Whether your company wishes to manage user devices and Office 365 products with conditional access policies or you want to lock down devices to run only specific applications, there is an advanced security service that will work for your company.

Phone and Data

Through an exclusive partnership with a sister communications company, we provide voice and data cabling services with experienced, insured and bonded installers. All installations are tested, verified and guaranteed. Typical cabling installations include face plate, terminations to appropriate end points, and testing of each cable. Some of the cabling services we offer include:

  • Voice and data cabling certified for CAT3, CAT5e, CAT6, and CAT6a
  • Fiberoptic installations, testing, and terminations for both single mode and multimode varieties.
  • Audiovisual cabling.

We provide VOIP hardware sales and service, and when requested, we collaborate with our customes' providers to ensure the best continuity of service possible.

We provide related data services to include:

  • Patch panel installations and testing.
  • Rack sales and installations.
  • Access point, switch and equipment mounting and installations.

In the Cloud

We provide support for web site hosting and content management.

For customers who need help with maintaining WordPress installations, HTML content, or general hosting support, we can help.

We are not a web marketing, design, or SEO company, but we can assist with making web site content changes, along with domain, website, and hosting migrations. In fact, we can provide support in just about every aspect of Internet domain and website hosting.

In addition to supporting Amazon Web Services (AWS), as a Silver Partner Cloud Services Provider (CSP) for Microsoft, we provide a high level of expertise for both AWS and Microsoft's cloud services. Although not comprehensive, some of the services we resell and support include:

  • AWS - We provide support and assist in standing up virtual instances, load balancing, DNS, and storage repositories in AWS
  • Microsoft/Office 365 - We provide licensing and support for all Microsoft 365/Office 365 products for both small businesses and large enterprises. For managed service customers, we provide discounts for Office 365 that are often priced less than our competitors or Microsoft's direct subscription rates, and we manage subscriptions in the tenant at no extra charge. For break-fix customers, we provide Microsoft subscription services in a timely and efficient way to ensure your licenses are provisioned quickly.
  • Azure Services - We provide support, sales and service for most Microsoft Azure products. We also help customers integrate and secure local Active Directory alongside Azure AD.

Other cloud service offerings include:

  • Data Center Hosting. We provide secure data center hosting and have options for dedicated or shared hosting as needed.
  • Secure Backup Repositories - For Veeam backup systems and S3-compatible backup systems, we provide raw storage that is both economical and expandable.

Specialized Services

After a cyberattack, in-house employees and/or IT departments are often ill-prepared to deal with the aftermath because they typically have no experience with such events.

Having a cyberinsurance policy is extremely important, but after an attack insurance companies will often assign forensics groups to gather information while in-house personnel are expected to deal with the recovery. Unfortunately, this approach often results in repeated attacks.

We provide expert response teams to deal with cyberattacks and to provide both advice and service to help companies recover. We also provide tools to help identify lingering exploits and activity in order to clean up systems and close security holes.

Our techs understand best-practices in industries that have specific regulatory compliance requirements. We offer advice and service to help implement best-practices for HIPAA, SOX, PCI, CMMS, and other environments for which compliance is necessary.

Some of the industries we work with include:

  • Hospitals/Clinics - We have extensive experience in a number of EHR system including but not limited to eClinicalWorks, Greenway, Athena, Centricity, TRAKnet, A4, NetPractice, Epic and others. We also have extensive experience with several PACS systems and other imaging systems and software.
  • Financial Industry - From Quickbooks Enterprise to Sage accounting systems and Bloomberg systems, we support clients in the finance sector ranging from CPAs to financial planners and fund managers.
  • Builders/Architects - We work with builder-specfic applications such as AutoCAD, Revit, ProCore and Sage CRE, among many others. We also support applications that are not necessarily industry-specific but are preferred by builders and architects such as Bluebeam, Microsoft Project, and other project management and contracting tools.
  • Manufacturing - We work with manufacturers that have deployed JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics, Process Pro, and Sage process manufacturing applications, among others, and though every organization is unique, we understand process manufacturing and the type of IT support that it requires.
  • Schools and Churches - We support the IT needs of several schools and churches. We work with Shelby, Destiny, and Blackbaud systems, among other industry-specific applications, and we have implemented strict security and access protocols for student and congregational networks and environments.
  • Other Industries - We support many industries that use common software packages and operating systems such as VMWare, Hyper-V, Microsoft SQL Server, IIS, Microsoft Office 20xx, Sage, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, PowerBI, Citrix, and many other applications. If you need support for just about any common application or operating system, we have the experience and expertise to support your company.